…and boy are my arms tired

… and boy are my arms tired

On the Air!

To paraphrase SCTV, We Ge to Be Canadians now begins its programming day. Yes, We Get to Be Canadians is on the air. The entire show (filmed during the last two performances, April 7 and April 14) is now available online. Simply click on http://youtube.com/wegettobecanadians.

Yes, now you at home can watch We Get to Be Canadians in all its sarcastic, self-referential glory. Make everyday Boxing Day!

A Great Run

Finished up a great run of shows.  All five nights had good audiences.  Lots of fun, lots of work, lots of learning, and most importantly lots of laughs.

Thanks to everyone who worked to make the show a success, and to all the people came out to support us.   Already looking forward to another show.  Keep checking back for more information on future projects.

Come See the Show

Week 3 and we are still going strong.  Metro Mix has us as the number one pick for theater on Monday.  If you like sketch comedy, come out and see one of Chicago’s up and coming theater troupes.  All the fun takes place at Gorilla Tango Theatre.

The reviews are in and the Canadians are taking over.

MetroMix Pick

Another Monday night success. We had another good audience for the show. Part of that was due to a nice pick from MetroMix.com. It is nice to see that the show is getting some notice in the press. Here is a screen shot from that nights theater pick list:

MetroMix.com picks We Get To Be Canadians

(You might notice that we are ahead of Second City on the list. Not bad.)

Opening Night

Opening Night for We Get To Be Canadians was a great success. We had a really good turnout. A lot of friends and family came out to see the show. Everything came off as planned, the cast was funny, the audience was laughing, and everyone there had a really good time.

Gorilla Tango Theatre is a really great place to put on a sketch comedy show. It is conveniently located just off the Western stop of the Blue Line on the corner of Milwaukee and Western. If you haven’t seen the show yet, I hope that you can come out soon.

Let’s keep up the good time!

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